Independent journalist and editor of Rwanda Wire, Steve Terrill, on post-genocide Rwanda:

" [...] As the year of the 20th Anniversary of the Rwanda genocide approached, many journalists and observers–both in and outside Rwanda–remarked that no outlet existed for unbiased news on the country. [...]"

The Ugandan army says it will not take part in an investigation in to the use of cluster bombs in South Sudan.

Les soldats rwandais sont prêts à mener "une opération chirurgicale" en République démocratique du Congo si de nouveaux engins explosifs tombent au Rwanda, a mis en garde l'ambassadeur du pays auprès de l'ONU vendredi.

The long-term solution for Tor users in Ethiopia is to use the Obfsproxy Tor Browser Bundle. The bundles are, unfortunately, not up to date at the moment, but this is something we are working on (see #5937 for details). In the meantime, try using one of the following three bridges:

Pure water sachets came to West Africa 10 years ago. The half-liter bags sell for 2 euro cents, providing a cheap and clean source of water for many. But the solution to a water problem generated a trash problem in Ghana's capital, Accra. Along with other trash, the blue and white sachets litter the streets and clog sewage drains.

British architect Stuart Gold didn't want to accept the pr

Separatist Tuareg rebels, Islamist armed groups, and Arab militias who seized control of northern Mali in April 2012 have committed numerous war crimes, including rape, use of child soldiers, and pillaging of hospitals, schools, aid agencies, and government buildings, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said today.

HRW also received credible information that Malian army soldiers have arbitrarily detained a

Ethiopian netizens are outraged and expressing their concern on different social media platforms as the Ethiopian government increasingly engages in blocking and surveillance of selected websites, blogs and Facebook pages. The report about Ethiopia’s authorities engaging in online censorship came about after all previously blocked websites and blogs became available for three successive days duri

Hazem Salah Abou-Ismail, the Salafi cleric, is one of the candidates with the biggest chance of success. However, news came weeks ago that his mother might have US-American citizenship. The constitutional amendments made last year state that applicants cannot stand for presidential elections if at least one parent or spouse holds foreign nationality, Abou Ismail might be disqualified if this is p