"I knew what was wrong as soon I got up to throw up in the early hours of the morning. I was pregnant again, and this was going to be my fourth child. I rinsed my mouth, washed my face and sat down on the edge of the bath tub for what seemed like an eternity. How was I going to break the news to my husband? Another mouth to feed was the last thing our family needed. Our fifth floor, two-bedroom c
This is a powerful, moving story that details the effects of the infamous Mau Mau war, the African nationalist revolt against colonial oppression in Kenya, on the lives of ordinary men and women, and on one family in particular. Two brothers, Njoroge and Kamau, stand on a rubbish heap and look into their futures. Njoroge is excited; his family has decided that he will attend school, while Kamau w
These are a few shots which he liked but which didn’t make it into the Mao photo-essay.